Forced Air Furnace Promo
 American Standard Furnace Promo
 American Standard Gold ZM is a state of the art up to 97% AFUE Nature Gas or Liquid Propane Furnace


Two-stage Gas Valve provide unprecedented comfort experience
Variable speed ECM blower motor
Variable speed induced draft motor (unmatched by competitors with ultra quite operation)
and much more.....
However, if without a two-stage thermostat, the furnace would not be able to maximize the comfort level by
running the right stage (high or low) to accomodate the various heat loss situations during the heating season. Therefore,
for every Gold ZM furnace requires a two-stage thermostat to maximize the comfort level.
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For every American Standard Gold Zm furnace, Service Express will supply and install a two-stage thermostat "Free of Charge".

Note: the promotion is valid from July 01, 2015 to September 31, 2015.
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