The pace of development in information technology accelerates unprecedentedly in the last ten years so does the technology in HVAC industry. There are large amount of electronic components replacing mechanical components in modern furnace and air conditioner. New technologies being incorporated into the design of modern furnace and air conditioner such as ECM variable speed motors, multistage gas valve and multistage compressor provide tremendous improvement to the replica breitling watches uk comfort level and energy saving. However, the technology also creates equally big challenge to the service and installation technicians in the old school or traditional HVAC industry. Without proper knowledge and tools, service and installation work turns into full of guess work, trial and error and misdiagnosis.

All Service Express’s professional service technician is equipped with proper knowledge, tools and is able to access information readily by utilizing mobile communication technologies such as mobile internet access and e-mail. With Service Express, there will be no more “let’s try to replace this and it may work”, or  “all components have been replaced except the control board, let’s replace it and it should work” kinds of trial and error type of service. With proper tools and knowledge, we guarantee the service will be done in timely, accurately and professional manner or you will have your money back.

Service Express is expertise in servicing and maintaining wide range of HVAC product such as furnace, air conditioner, hot water tank, instantaneous water heater, boiler, HRV, ERV, humidifier, EAC (electronic air cleaner). In addition to our experience, proper equipped tools and  knowledgeable technicians, Service Express stocks wide range of parts and components for all major brands and models and maintain excellent working relationship with various suppliers to achieve our promised service level. If we can't repair the unit in 24 replica omega uk watches business hour, you can have your diagnose fee free of charge or money back in full. That is the guarantee no other service company can provide.

 Even though furnace and air conditioner are one of the most important components to the comfort, energy consumption and integrity of the house people live in, most of them are not being maintained properly or simply without any maintenance for years. The most common service calls to the HVAC equipments are contributed by overlooking the most obvious errors, lack of maintenance, over sized or under sized equipments, improperly setup or tuned up equipments. 

Overlooking the most obvious errors:
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Surprisingly, there are about 15-20% of service calls are because of overlook the most obvious errors; home owner forgot or accidentally turn the power switch of the furnace off, tripped circuit breaker or extremely dirty filter. Usually, the problem can be prevented or rectified in the annual maintenance service. Service Express understand home owner will be upset to pay the service call for our technician to turn the power switch back on, reset the circuit breaker or change the dirty air filter with their hard earn money, therefore, please check the switch, circuit breaker and/or filter before you setup the service call appointment with Service Express.

Lack of maintenance:

Generally, 50-60% of service call or hassle can be avoided with annual maintenance. Annual maintenance is not just simple vacuum and cleanup the equipments but require thorough inspection and tuned up to the equipments. There are many essential components such as frame sensor, igniter, venting motor and etc to safeguard the equipments for running safely could turn to be a problem when the time you need them the most such a very cold day in the winter or very hot day in the summer. The energy consumption of the poorly maintenance equipments could be rocket high which has a huge impact to the energy cost to the family. Heating and cooling constitute about 60% of the total energy consumption within a household in Canada as a result of the weather situation of the country. One of the most common reasons for home owner tense to avoid the annual maintenance is the cost associate to the service, however, the potential energy saving would out weight the cost; annual tuned up pay for itself from the energy saving and cost of service call points of view.

Over sized or under sized equipments:

Every house is different in certain extend such as size, facing, type of building, year of build and etc. Furnace and A/C manufacturers build the equipment with different size (BTU output and tonnage) to serve different houses. Most HVAC sales person provide buying suggestion based on one factor or two, usually the size of the house, without proper knowledge of the “house as system” concept. The result of the lack of thorough understanding of the concept turn out to be most of the equipments installed is either under or over sized.

-          Under sized equipments; fail to serve the house when the temperature or load is above the output of the equipment. The temperature of the house will never reach the desire set temperature in certain weather, usually in the coldest or hottest days, and the equipment run continuously but is still not be able to reach the set temperature. This would have negative impact to the energy cost, comfort level and life expectancy of the equipment. Under size problem is very hard to rectify without replacing with properly sized equipment. Therefore, do your due diligence before your make a buying decision or turn to Service Express for second opinion.

-          Over sized equipments; provide more than require output to the load and the equipment will continuously short cycling, frequent on off in short period of time. Significant temperature swing (temperature fluctuate widely), impact the comfort level in the building and adversely impact the energy consumption as well. Can be rectify in some extend by tuned up the setting of the equipments. Does your due diligence before you make a buying decision is the only way to avoid.


Improperly setup or tuned up equipment:
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In general, HVAC products require field installation in some extend except certain out of the box, portable electrical heater, A/C and humidifier and etc. Most companies in HVAC industry provide piece work pay to the subcontractor or installer due to cost control and seasonal nature of the business. The nature of the business foster rush work which the installer rush to get the job done to maximize their profit. This turn out that it is very common that the installation work is either improperly done and/or, more common, the equipment is never setup to meet the requirement and comfort of the house. The result is the equipment would never reach the comfort level, energy saving and life expectancy that the manufacturer promised. There is a joke in the industry saying “most HVAC equipments are not break down due to bad product quality but are murdered by inexperienced and negligent installers. By hiring a professional and responsive HVAC service provider with proper knowledge, tools and patient, your properly setup furnace or A/C can be your best investment to your cozy and comfort home.