Service Express is a service oriented company to serve all the air max uk needs of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) in GTA and wide area of the surrounding regions (York Region, Peels Region and Durham Region).

Condominium is a very special and unique segment in HVAC industry since the furnace and air conditioner usually is never standard due to the space limitation and design of the building. There are centralize water heat and cool system, self contain electrical heating and cooling system, self contain heat pump system and partial centralize heat pump systems and etc. Most furnace and air conditioner system in condominium is special designed or tailor made to meet the building design and space limitation which require special knowledge, expertise and experience to service them properly. Service Express’s technicians have the knowledge and experience in this segment and you the home owner can call us to service your condo system with confident.

All Service Express’s professional service technician is equipped with proper knowledge, tools and is able to access information readily by utilizing mobile communication technologies such as mobile internet access and e-mail.