Warranty Guarantee
 Our commitment
Service Express is expertise in servicing and maintaining wide range of HVAC product such as furnace, air conditioner, hot water tank, instantaneous water heater, boiler, HRV, ERV, humidifier, EAC (electronic air cleaner). In addition to our experience, proper equipped tools and knowledgeable technicians, Service Express stocks wide range of parts and components for all major brands and models and maintain excellent working relationship with various suppliers to achieve our promised service level. If we can't repair the unit in 24 business hour, you can have your diagnose fee free of charge or money back in full. That is the guarantee no other service company can provide.

For every new furnace installation, Service Express provides 2-year no question asked labour warranty as long as customer maintenace basic maintenance such as regular filter replacement. If customer acquire regular maintenace service from Service Express, labour warranty will extend automatically up to 10-year. This is the warranty no other company can provide. We dedicate to provide our customers with customizable and flexible warranty to the HVAC equipments their familities rely on.